Kicks | | December 20, 2018


Remember when you were in high school and you sat next to the kid who always got high marks on exams, so whenever you got stuck on a question you would peek over at their paper?


And obviously you didn’t want to get called out for cheating later on so you would have to pull out a full on strategy, like purposefully getting a question wrong here or there, or using a different number of decimal points to the person you were copying off of?


And you did it all because even if you didn’t fully understand the concept, you still wanted to do well?


This is like that, except with two major fashion designers.


As it turns out, Michael Kors was interested in hopping onto the chunky sneaker trend. But instead of coming up with their own design, they just decided to take Louis Vuitton’s and call it a day.



Instagram account Diet Prada – who is quickly becoming of the fashion world’s most prescient whistleblower – pointed out some damning similarities between Kors’s recently unveiled Olympia sneaker and Louis Vuitton’s Archlight.


Not only do the shoes have similar silhouettes – from it’s grooved sole to the overlays on the body and accented toe – Michael Kors appears to have cribbed a couple colourways as well, with its own pink and green variations being strikingly comparable to the Archlights.


We get that Michael Kors wants to hop on a trend that people can’t seem to get enough of, but if the brand is going to make a chunky sneaker that people are going to actually want to buy, it could at least have been a little creative and not stolen someone else’s design.


At the very least, they could have changed it up a little so we didn’t notice. It’s like they’ve forgotten everything they learned in high school.


We do love a bold-coloured sneaker, though. Aleali May and Kenya Moore’s collab with Air Jordan for example.


Cover image via Michael Kors & Louis Vuitton.