Culture | | April 27, 2018

A Slovenian man known only as David says he’s created a time machine.  According to David, the machine –  powered by water and electricity alone – transported him to the 45th century.


Despite having time-travelled over 20 times, David actually has very little to say about the future. In passing, he mentions that he came across a man with a laser wound, a picture of the 35th century, and a 500-storey building.


However, David says he was most interested in the “flying machines” of the 45th century.


So … airplanes?


While not the most perceptive fellow, David did mention that he met another time-traveller called Jack Lion Cousteau. A superior time-traveller, Cousteau has “gone back to the future” over 40 times and, unlike David, Cousteau can travel into the past as well.


Despite the appealing prospect of time travel, David warns us that it’s no easy task.


His dreams came at the cost of leaving his family and spending 8 years dedicated to the construction of his DeLorean. Plus, the machine also really hurts. In an interview, David says gravely: “It can’t be forgotten the pain I felt when the energy passed through my body.”


Thanks for the heads up, Dave.


In news a little closer to Earth, China has announced a Social Credit System to rank every citizen. 


Cover Image: Flickr | U.S. Air Force, USG, Public Domain