Cut | March 21, 2018

Back in the early, innocent days of MAFS, Sean referenced a drug and alcohol problem sparked by a breakup five years ago.


Five years ago, and the man was still triggered.


Last night, he rocked up to the reunion dinner in a gold jacket and the kind of roaming, sexed up eyes you see in Vegas. Then, he planted one on Tracey like he was being directed by Gerard Damiano in Deep Throat. 



After dinner, his lips spread across his face and he unloaded on Dean in a barrage of rage sparked from real and imagined scenarios.


It’s coke 101 – confidence, horniness and paranoia, and the only thing I can think is that Sean waved the little baggy in front of Tracy and got her licking her lips all over again.


Three “relationship experts” and not one of them hit the little red button underneath their desk.


Well, I just did, and in the words of the reformed Zen-master Dean – “I’m worried about the little guy”.