Cut | | May 18, 2017

2017 marks 77 years for the golden arches, who’ve blessed us with the best hangover cure (Big Macs) and best childhood value deal (Happy Meals).



It was their limited offerings that made customer service so efficient and effectively paved the way for the modern ‘fast food’ business model. To celebrate this mastery, we’re dissecting the shit out of the Californian born chain’s menu, circa 1943.



Enjoy the commentary.






1.   Not sure about you, but we reckon they should bring back the pnb jelly fries. It’s very 2017 food-porn-masterchef-mania. Hands up to make a petition on






2.  I don’t care if they dish 75 hamburgers worldwide per second, I want my hands on that aristocratic burger. If anyone can flip me 1, HMU.



3.  If Maccas feel they need to spruik the ‘pure beef’ in their burgers… what is everyone else using?





4.  If we can’t bring back the nothing > 60c policy, can we at least reduce take away prices? Drive-thru order anxiety needs some sort of compensation. Am I riiiiite?






We know one thing for sure… the beefy, pickley, ketchupy Big Mac we know and love has stood the test of time.



giphy (59)



Happy days.



Words: Leah Teperski