Cut | | May 07, 2018

Ben Simmons and the Philly 76ers are in struggle-town.


Down 0-3 against the Celtics, it looks as though Coach of the Year Brad Stevens has orchestrated a way to shut Simmons down, defending the inside so the 6 ft 10 Melbournian is forced to shoot from outside the paint.


In Game 2 against the Celtics, Ben Simmons managed just 1 point, before heading home in Game 3 to fall 98-101 in overtime.


Lakers legend Kobe Bryant said Simmons’ jumper needed a major overhaul.


“Just aesthetically, I would say build that thing anew”, Bryant said on Fox Sports Radio.


Kobe went on to state that it wasn’t the only reason Philly were in such a hole: “I think on a fundamental level, being able to get open off the ball is what did them in.”


Ben Simmons is just 69 from 224 from shots taken beyond 10 feet from the rim.


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Cover Image: Instagram | @kobebryant