Cut | | May 17, 2018

Why eat a nutritious meal when you can suck on a lollipop?


Kim Kardashian has decided to take a leaf out of her hubby’s playbook and stir up some fresh controversy for May, posting an advertisement on Instagram for hunger-busting lollipops.



Backlash to the advert has been swift.


Jameela Jamil called out Kim’s “terrible and toxic influence on young girls” via Twitter, joining in with a host of others that believe Kim’s contributing to a culture that promulgates eating disorders.



Only last week, the Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded the reality TV star with an Influencer Award.


What are your thoughts?


Probably doesn’t help that everyone’s strongest cultural affiliation to the lollipop is coping one for being a good little girl / boy at your doctor’s office.


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Cover Image: Instagram | @kimkardashian