Cut | | June 12, 2019


It’s been a while since a celeb has recklessly sent out a truly “um, okay, why?” tweet, but thankfully Justin Bieber is here to fill the “WTF” sized hole in our hearts.


For no apparent reason, Justin Bieber would like to fight Tom Cruise.



And just so we knew he was not playing around, Justin took care to tag UFC president Dana White. So, basically: it’s on.


Notorious MMA fighter Conor McGregor also offered to host the bout, should Tom accept. He told fans, “Stay tuned to find out!”



Justin later tweeted a fight clip from one of Tom Cruise’s films with a picture of his own head edited in.



There is really no telling how this fight would turn out, considering it’s seemingly taking place in the strangest, most warped of all timelines.


However, Tom Cruise is one of the most sought after action stars in the world, constantly taking on roles that require him to be in peak physical condition. Justin, on the other hand, is 31 years younger. And this is just our opinion, but he seems like he would be a pretty scrappy fighter.


Exhibit A:



Tom Cruise has yet to respond to Justin’s challenge, but to borrow a few words from the illustrious McGregor: Stay tuned to find out!


If you’re looking for a duo that makes a bit more sense, Kid Cudi and A$AP Rocky might be going on tour together.


Featured image via Instagram @justinbieber & Facebook @officialtomcruise.