Cut | , | May 01, 2019


It was a big night for Jimmy Butler.


He managed to score 12 points in the final minutes of the second round playoff series game (ratcheting up his total for the night to 30), and bringing the Philadelphia 76ers to a series-tying 94-89 victory against the Toronto Raptors.




It may have been a tight win, but Butler was impressive enough that Sixers coach Brett Brown called him “James Butler” in reference to his “mature” plays, causing Butler to clarify that his name “literally is Jimmy.”



The game was also a redemption play for Butler, whose lacklustre performance in Game 1 – where he scored just 10 points – handed the Raptors a critical victory.


It was just another in a series of relative disappointments for the Sixers this season. They’ve been called out for their middling defense, especially considering the team has Butler, Ben Simmons, and Joel Embiid on their bench.    


Speaking of Joel Embiid, he was also there. But, aside from a couple impressive passes, Embiid struggled to stand out. Though based on his account of a gnarly stomach flu, we’ll give him a pass. Hopefully he’s rested up by the time the teams head to Philly on Thursday for Game 3.


Butler may be maturing on the court, but we’re up for some Child’s Play.



Featured image via Instagram @jimmybutler.