Style | | June 02, 2017

Hermes Birkin has taken luxe to a whole new level with the record-breaking sale of a $377,000 handbag.


While a typical Hermes Birkin retails from ~only~ $12,000 USD, this luxe diamond-encrusted white Himalaya Niloticus crocodile handbag sold at more than 30 times this amount cementing that the world is actually fucked.


The sale took place in Hong Kong, where obviously deluded ‘fashionista’s’ battled it out in an intense 15-minute auction before it was sold to an anonymous bidder.


It is estimated that only one or two of these Diamond Himalaya bags are made every year and you will need to join a six-year waiting list to buy it. But it’s way more fun to laugh at the people who actually spend that much $$$ just to put their shit in it.




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