Music | , , | November 26, 2018


Ever since Kodak Black released ZEZE, that damn song hasn’t left the charts or our news feeds, we’re pretty sure we’re even mentally programmed now to do that stupid fucking dance whenever we hear the beat.


Not only did the track itself gather a lot of different thoughts, but now that the music video is released we’re left more confused than we ever have been before.


Whether you’re a fan of the music video or not, I’m sure we can all agree on one thing: what the fuck was that.


What is seemingly a low-budget, Windows Movie Maker-esque behind the scenes video with a plethora of green screens and twerking girls (duh), has caused many reactions and memes to rise from the depths of the Internet.


Here’s some of the best:










If you haven’t yet stumbled across what feels like the dark side of the internet, here’s the ZEZE music video for your personal enjoyment.



Cover image via YouTube @Kodak Black.