Cut | , | April 02, 2019


HBO has just blessed us with brand new content for the final season of Game of Thrones. Titled Together and Survival, the promos add new snippets of the show that we didn’t initially see in the trailer dropped last month. We’re definitely hyped to see who will end up on the Iron Throne.


Our couches are probably more comfortable though.



The biggest reveal appears to be the reunion of Stark siblings, Arya and Jon, who haven’t seen each other since season one after Jon gifted his little sister with her ‘Needle’ sword. Jon can be heard saying “Think back to where we started, now it’s just us”. Fingers crossed all the remaining Stark kids stay alive and happy this season.


Jon’s aunt-girlfriend Daenerys arrives in Winterfell with her dragons, seen for the first time by Sansa, who appears to be worried the new additions might burn her house down. In another scene, Jon and Dany are looking tense at a fireplace, which could be the moment Jon finds out she’s his aunt-girlfriend.



Game of Thrones will be returning to our screens in less than two weeks, on April 15. Settle yourselves in every Monday, because after the hour long premiere, the remaining five episodes will be much longer.



GOT’s last season is sure to smash records (sorry, Avatar) and reviews, just like Jordan Peele’s super creepy follow up from Get Out: Us. 



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