Cut | | May 28, 2019


With the dust settled on Game of Thrones’ breathlessly anticipated series finale, the world seems to have reached a consensus on the behemoth’s show’s ending: a resounding meh.


Now, for any fans who feel GOT has suffered a dip in quality throughout its eight-season run, but have never found a way to prove your entirely subjective opinion, a graph created by writer Joanna Robinson might just be your smoking gun.



The graph, which pulled data from the subtitle log of each episode, shows a steep decline in dialogue throughout the series. Season one reached a rate of 70 words per minute, while the final season dropped as low as 10, accounting for an 86% drop in dialogue.


Of course, for a series as dense and exposition-heavy as Game of Thrones, it would make sense for the chatter to be frontloaded.



Then again, the graph does fan the flames of those who say the show’s writers had lost their grip on the show’s plot and characters and were basically making it up on the fly by the end. After all, the show’s creators disappointed enough of their fans to become the faces of “bad writers.” 


If you ask us, we didn’t really need a graph to tell you that last season wasn’t exactly a tight ship. We haven’t forgotten about that Starbucks cup.



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Featured image via Twitter @jorywea.