Music | | May 15, 2019


It’s been a hot minute since GoldLink last dropped some material but now we’ve been gifted with a new track and a taste of his upcoming album that’s in the making.


The track titled Zulu Screams is produced by P2J, features British-Nigerian artist Maleek Berry and is accompanied by the backing vocals of singer-songwriter Bibi Bourelly.


Speaking to Beats 1 Radio’s Zane Lowe, GoldLink revealed that Zulu Screams was indeed the first track he made that will be on his upcoming album (set to release some time in 2019) and spoke of the musical direction he hopes to turn to.


“I wouldn’t say it’s entirely what the whole kind of sonic of it is, but it’s a good intro for like a whole world building thing that I’m trying to like introduce. You know, after I kind of did my love letter to D.C. Kind of thing, I wanted to figure out what was the pulse, why I love my city so much and I think the answer wasn’t directly in the city. I think it was more so directly somewhere else. I’ve never had as much fun making a record because I think that I went about it… Like I never went to another place outside of D.C. to make a record.”


This isn’t the first track that the DMV rapper has dropped this year, releasing Got Muscle back in January.


Check out the new track below.



Earlier this year, a track featuring GoldLink and Andre 3000 was leaked on Youtube. You can check that one out here.



Featured image via Twitter @variance.