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It’s Friday the 13th this week, so we’ve teamed up with REDDS’ new Midnights in light of the sinister occasion to set the mood for a marathon.


Warning: MA15+, unless, like me, Aunty Sue subjected you to the Japanese version of The Grudge by year three. 


If you’re into jump scares, freaky seance circles or DIY ouija boards, post up for witching hour with some Midnights, popcorn and your crew. God knows the Babadook sure as shit won’t be catching me alone.


We’ve broken down the quintessential horror flick must-sees on both sides of the genre’s eras. Some are suckers for the classics, while others turn to the modern psychological mind-fucks for their horror fix. 


Which side of the night you are on? 


“Classic” Horror


1. The Shining (1980)

Number one on our binge list is the infamous chilling terror that comes from the  one and only legendary Stephen King. The Shining takes on the classic haunted house story. If you’re not already familiar, a.k.a. you’re a Millennial, strap in for a world of incipient madness, gruesome murders and supernatural visions.


2. The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

You’ll be met with some seriously messed up mind games in this one. The story follows a rookie FBI agents mission to find a cold hard killer with the unexpected help from someone who’s played the game before.


3. The Blair Witch Project (1991)

A journey through raw video footage with 3 students on the hunt for the Blair Witch. Let’s just say that horror stereotypes are strong in this one: prepare to be baffled by blatantly terrible character decision-making. Ya’ done for. 


4. The Ring (2002)

You’ll want to keep your phone on silent while you watch this one. Girls in horror with long black hair are creepy enough. Ones with an affinity for clawing out of TV screens might just fuck you up from watching even The Bachelor for a while. 


5. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

Title speaks for itself…let’s just say that this face is one you won’t be able to forget too quickly.


“New Age” Horror


6. Grave Encounters (2011)

One to really get the vocal cords warmed up. If you were into The Blair Witch Project, then Grave Encounters might be to your palette. It follows the same ‘found footage’ formula, except it involves ghost hunting in f*cking HD. 


7. The Cabin In The Woods (2012)

Stop us if this sounds familiar: five sexy and clueless co-eds rent a cabin for the weekend in a remote, heavily forested area only to be confronted with a cabal of horrors. We won’t spoil anything, but if this premise sounds a tad too basic for your Friday the 13th viewing, just know that this clever sendup of the slasher flick has a lot more going on than you’d expect.


8. The Babadook (2014)

Australian psych-thriller draws on sinister spiritual possession of a mysterious child’s storybook found in the home of a widowed mother and her young son. You’re not on your own if you’ve ever thought about the kid needing to chill TF out. 


9. It Follows (2015)

This one’s for the Millennials. Our definition of horror: possessed kids, haunted houses, and sexually transmitted diseases. Nothing makes us more anxious than an inescapable demonic entity that can only be rid of through sex… right? What better way to rid of that nasty fuccboi.


10. The Witch (2016)

The plot of The Witch seems straight out of a history textbook.  Or, at least, the kind of textbooks that I wish I had in school. Think: kidnapping, murderous mountain goats, and witchcraft. History buffs and horror fanatics alike will dig this story about a Puritan family cast out of their settlement and into the unforgiving wilderness.


11. Get Out (2017)

Get Out‘s director, Jordan Peele, is a comedic genius turned ultimate horror mastermind. The film delves into a racial plot full of twists and turns, it’s the kind you’ll want to watch twice over for the crazy Easter Eggs and references. Horror? This is a freaking documentary of our current state in history. 


12. Ravenous (2017)

Remember all those vampire and zombie cult franchise phases? This French Canadian film shits on all of that. Netflix’s Ravenous isn’t out to reinvent the zombie apocalypse story, although the zombies are presented as a reflection of our humanity. Horrific.


13. Hereditary (2018)

Another witch cult enters into the horror film scene with this one featuring Australia’s own, Toni Collete. Everyone and their mum is raving about Heriditary. We’ll warn you right now to pump the brakes on the pace of the popcorn, some scenes will make your belly churn. 


Cover image via Scary Movie (2000).