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In light of Donald Trump being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States, an Atlanta-based rapper has sent out out positive vibes on a day where political tensions were at its height.


Phay’s Soundcloud bio speaks for itself… “My name’s Phay. I have a tendency to make cool shit”. Phay’s first full EP is nothing less than pure ‘cool shit’ laced with a political stand where the rapper speaks about the concerns that the encroaching years of Trumps power will bring.



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With his flowing lyricism, Phay describes his experience of being a first generation of his Palestinian family to be born in American — a country where Islamophobia has become a serious problem. The EP titled Mama, explores the rappers journey through his southern hip-hop emersion while growing up in a world of cultural and political upheaval.


The talent of Phay is nothing less than authentic with most of the EP recorded in his Atlanta apartment with a full gospel choir and stand out collaborations like Young Dro. Check it out below…