Cut, Music | | February 06, 2019


Before the fateful day Frank Ocean decided to make his Instagram profile public, Tumblr was all we had to connect with the famously enigmatic pop star.


So, when Frank took to his page seemingly to announce a flurry of new music, including a new track with SZA, Kendrick Lamar, and André 3000, the internet understandably lost its mind. The posts also suggest he would release the track on March 1.






But because this is Frank Ocean we’re talking about, of course it was never going to be that easy. It looks like Frank’s Tumblr account may have been hacked.


A few hours after the announcement, some suspicious posts made their way onto the page with someone threatening to leak the new track if a picture on a seemingly random Instagram account reached 250,000 likes.



No official confirmation on any of this as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted.


It was fun while it lasted.



At least we’ll have Endless to tide us over while we wait for the new album. 


Cover image credit: IG @blonded