Culture | , | September 18, 2018


Everyone’s favorite green-haired, white-faced, scar-lipped super villain is back.


The first image of Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker has been revealed. But this time, Gotham City’s greatest nuisance appears sans his signature untamed green hair, his haunting white makeup or permanent deranged smile.


In fact, it sort of just looks like Joaquin Phoenix wearing a dowdy outfit and in desperate need of haircut.



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The portrait is our first look from Joker, director Todd Phillips’ take on the Batman character’s origin story.


We don’t know a tonne about the film but Philips’s caption seems to confirm that Phoenix’s Joker will go by the name “Arthur.” 


An official trailer has yet to be released, but this on-set behind the scenes footage has surfaced:



While this first look is far from the image of the Joker most of us have emblazoned in our minds, Phoenix does have that sinister, narrow-eyed, would-be criminal mastermind look down pat. We’ll have to wait and see how he pulls it all off when the movie releases in October, 2019.  


Before we find out The Joker’s origins, don’t miss out on tickets to a nine-hour marathon Lord Of The Rings showing.


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