Cut | , , | August 03, 2018

Sometimes it’s nice to escape life with a swipe of our fingertips, vicariously living through someone else’s Facetuned life.


Other days social media can be our own worst enemy, when it becomes a time machine vortex that removes us from reality. One moment you’re in the app to check a meme your friend tagged you in, and the next your conducting a deep dive into Jessica’s comment section in an effort to uncover the cosmetic surgeon responsible for her new teeth (local, hopefully), and wait, did Kylie dissolve her lip fillers!?!?!?


Another case in point: Coachella.



Facebook and Instagram are now giving users the power (and courage) to finally quit the stalking and start living in the real world.


The social media giants have released a new time-limiting tool that helps you to face the fact that you’ve spent the past 4 hours on Instagram and ended up on Em Rata’s-aunt’s-housekeeper’s dog’s page. Both apps will have a monitoring dashboard decked out with the ability to view how much time you’ve spent on a particular platform, self-set reminders for an allocated amount of time on each, and mute notifications for a period of time.


Is this an intervention? Kind of. A self-imposed one.


You can access the tools on the either apps’ settings page by tapping into “Your Activity” on Instagram or “Your Time on Facebook”. From there, you can pick how much time you want to be spending on these platforms and you’re given your own personal reality check.


It’s all in your hands.





Cover image via Instagram @kyliejenner.