Culture | , | November 06, 2018


This may come as a surprise, but Game of Thrones is extremely popular.


It’s the kind of popular where thousands of fans will gather for conventions, it airs in every country on this planet and the next, gets spoofed on The Simpsons, and you’ll regularly see your distant relatives talking about it on Facebook.


Now that it’s entering its final season, it should come as no surprise that HBO doesn’t want to let its centrepiece show off the airwaves entirely.


Author George R.R. Martin has recently announced that The Long Night will be the title of the first prequel series ordered by the network.


The show is set to begin filming sometime in 2019. Casting of the show’s entire ensemble is currently underway, but HBO has recently announced that Naomi Watts will play the role of a “charismatic socialite hiding a dark secret.”


And because one prequel isn’t nearly enough to fill the incoming Game of Thrones sized hole in our hearts, HBO has previously announced that The Long Night will be just one of several Westeros-set series we can expect in the future.


In other TV news, Apu is officially out of The Simpsons forever, R.I.P.