Culture | , | October 09, 2018


Black Mirror, your favourite show to binge that somehow always manages to ruin your day, is coming back.


The series will return to Netflix with its fifth batch of episodes this December.


The streaming service hasn’t released an exact date, but expect the drop to follow the pattern of the show’s fourth season, which premiered on December 29. So be ready to ring in the New Year with a techno-horror anthology whose hyper-reality is just a little too close for comfort.


Season 5 will also reportedly contain the Black Mirror’s first interactive episode.


This “choose your own adventure” instalment will apparently allow viewers to make decisions for the episode’s protagonist, letting viewers decide if they’re more in the mood for a “White Bear” or a “San Junipero” situation.


Could we have the power to kill off a character or keep them alive and kicking?



Whilst we wait for season 5, feed the dark side of your brain with Joaquin Pheonix in full Joker mode.


Cover image via Facebook @BlackMirrorNetflix.