Cut | , | January 29, 2019


It’s no secret that Fortnite dances are probably the most recognisable, influential and cringiest aspect of the game; it was near impossible to escape the beaches and shopping centres overrun with kids doing the shoot. Ahh, school holidays.


Now, artists and viral personalities are starting to hit back at Epic Games for using their signature dances as downloadable content in the game without permission.


It all started when 2 Milly filed a lawsuit against the company last year over the use of his Milly Dancewhich clearly inspired Alfonso Ribeiro – more commonly known as Carlton in The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air -, as the actor sued Epic Games and 2k Games for the use of his signature Carlton Dance



It then started to look like an uprising was starting, because the Backpack Kid (Russell Horning) also sued Epic for using Flossing in the game, as well as Orange Shirt Kid‘s mum for copying her son’s Random dance and his “It’s also a great exercise move” catchphrase. We’re really close to a brain aneurysm too, don’t worry.



Epic Games are literally racking up lawsuits as fast as game users, because BlocBoy JB is now suing Fortnite for using The Shootbut not without asking his followers via Twitter if he should, first.



BlocBoy JB, 2 Milly and Russell Horning are now all being represented by the same attorney, David L. Hecht, who spoke on the multiple lawsuits: “That is exactly the type of cultural misappropriation that other rappers have called Epic out on and we are seeking to remedy with this case.”


Check out BlocBoy’s lawsuit below whilst we all wait to see what the fate of Fortnite holds.



On the topic of stealing and meme-like behaviour, someone stole the London Supreme sign and made a weirdo music video with it. 2019 is really out-doing itself. 


Cover image via Instagram @thebackpackkid and Fortnite.