Cut | , | December 12, 2018


Elon Musk may be single handedly transporting us into the future.


At the very least, he seems to be the one making the most frequent announcements. Case in point: he just announced via Twitter that his very cleverly titled tunnelling business, The Boring Company, will be launching autonomous vehicles.


On December 18, The Boring Company will celebrate the opening of its Los Angeles tunnel as well as the launch of its accompanying products.


Musk tweeted about the launch and shared a video of the prototype.




In addition to the autonomous transportation vehicles, the event will also introduce car elevators that will transport vehicles from the ground to the tunnels.


Musk has been hyping up the Hyperloop tunnel for months now, promising a super fast train that would cut travel time to a fraction of what it is now. For example, a 5-6 hour trip from LA to San Francisco could take a little over 30 minutes.


For the December 18 launch, Musk is promising free test rides for the tunnel that is currently two miles long, with construction clocking in at over a year.


The Boring Company initially promised a tunnel opening on December 10, but have since shifted the date, which is irritating for any infrastructure enthusiasts dying to see what the company has been up to, but look, Elon Musk is the guy making the future a reality. We can give him an extra week to do it.   


We’re one step closer to becoming full on cyborgs. Might want to read up on the new Ghost in the Shell  series to get prepared.


Cover image via The Boring Company.