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2019 has brought us one of the biggest offseasons yet; from whispers of KD and Kyrie wanting to link up, talks of LeBron and Davis joining forces, all the way to Klay possibly bouncing from the Warriors dynasty, we’ve been amid a hectic lead up to free agency.


Now, we’ve finally been put to rest on most of our FA suspicions with a full breakdown on the NBA’s biggest and best names. Here’s the down-low:


Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to go to the Nets

By the lead of Sean Marks and head coach Kenny Atkinson, the Nets have only gotten stronger and shown that their hand at developing talent is like no other – think D’Angelo Russell and Caris LeVert, to name a couple.


Although it’s been a rough time for the Nets lately, after winning just 69 games over a three-year stretch, AKA NBA’s second-worst record ahead of only the Phoenix Suns, the future looks to be bright for Brooklyn with the new additions of Durant and Irving.


Durant is likely to skip out on the 2019-20 season due to his ruptured Achilles, but the real interest in Brooklyn is set to begin in the 2020-21 when Durant will be fully healed and ready to lead the Nets to the championship.



Kemba Walker set to join The Celtics

After losing both Irving and Al Horford, speculation started buzzing on who would take the place/s of the Celtics’ big fish.Now, it’s said that Kemba Walker will sign with the Boston team, making them a contender in the 19-20 league.


Although he has no experience playing alongside players as talented as Tatum or Brown, Walker has shown he has what it takes following his lead in the catch-and-shoot 3-pt FG percentage two seasons ago.



Jimmy Butler Takes On Miami Heat

After a second round exit and speculation of creating a trio in the Houston Rockets, a painful wait for any Butler news has resulted in a move to Miami Heat.


Heat are now finalising a sign-and-trade deal with the Philadelphia 76’ers for Butler.


Rumour has it that Jimmy Butler’s first preference to sign anywhere was Miami Heat, looks like dreams really do come true.



Pelicans snap up JJ Redick

It looks like the Pelicans’ shooting game is about to spike.


Signing one of the best shooters was the smartest option for the Pelicans, the New Orleans team agreed to a two-year, $26.5M deal to take Redick from the Philadelphia 76ers. He’ll be the second addition in the last few days, also joining Nicolo Melli, one of the best players in Europe


These two pickups will be playing alongside recently acquired Lakers players Lonzo Ball. Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart; as well as first pick from the draft, Zion Williamson.



Bucks keep Middleton and Lopez at the expense of Brogdon

Milwaukee have landed not one, but two long-term agreements with two out of three key free agents.


Khris Middleton has settled for a five-year, $178M contract, joining Brook Lopez who agreed to a four-year, $52M contract. massively trumping the $3M he played for om last season’s one-year contract.


Although Middleton may not be everyone’s first pick for a second star, he has the ability to be a valuable two-way player to guard the opposition’s top scorer. and assist Giannis Antetokounmpo on the other side of the court.


With two feats, The Bucks are saying goodbye to Malcolm Brogdon. who is moving on with the Indiana Pacers on a four-year, $85M contract.



Rejoice for Knicks fans: Julius Randle is here

After missing out on KD and Kyrie stakes, as well as Zion Williamson, disappointment for the Knicks fans could be nullified with the signing of young rising star: Julius Randle.


Randle would be pickig up a three-year, $63M deal. and pair alongside latest draft pickup RJ Barrett.



We’re still awaiting news on any Kawhi news, so keep all eyes on ESPN for views on the final’s MVP.



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