Music | | June 28, 2018

With Drake’s fifth studio album Scorpion set to release in less than 24 hours, our feeds have been full with ChampagnePapi news and crystal ball predictions. Ever since the album was announced, speculation rose of it being a double album, and now, Mal (Joe Budden’s Podcast), has confirmed the news.

As a close connection to Drake, Mal was asked if Scorpion was a double album.


“Yes. It’s a double album. It’s a double album. It’s an R&B and a rap album.”


Rumour says that it’ll be a “Side A” and “Side B” album, similar to Chris Brown’s Heartbreak On A Full Moon. Aubrey’s bringing layers in 2018.


The latest update: the official tracklist.



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Wise up on this week’s best tunes in the midst of the Scorpion countdown.


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