"Doing Lines", Music | , | November 08, 2017

Doing Lines is our look into the dedicated faces, passioned personas and feverish fans of the most hyped pop-ups, gigs and drop events. It’s deep talk, asking the questions that really matter, entering the crux of humanity in the most intimate way possible. For real.


The hype in the lead up to the 6 God touching down in Australia has been undeniably insane. Securing tickets was a trying ordeal, and only the truly committed were successful. No fake fans here. Fans’ emotions are clearly at an all-time high and, with Drizzy being the poster Sad-Boy that he is, we’re sure the marathon listening sessions of Take Care in preparation of his show have certainly allowed people’s feels to ~marinate~.


We got talking Fake Love with the Humans of The Boy Meets World Tour Line. With social media at the forefront of communication for millennials, the phenomenon of “ghosting” has taken the weird and wonderful world of online dating to a new level of awkward. They got real about their experiences with ghosting, straight up to our faces.



NAME: Christina


AGE: 19


“I’ve ghosted someone recently just because they were annoying me. Yeah, it just wasn’t working out. It was on Messenger and he started messaging my friends asking, ‘why did she ghost me?’ and stuff, because I just completely ignored him”.



NAME: Jackson


AGE: 17


“One time me and and ex-girlfriend had another friend, who I ‘hung out’ with and, after that, I pretty much broke up with my girlfriend. The other girl ended up ghosting me… everyone can be a bit fake sometimes.”



NAME: Pablo


AGE: 18


“Started talking to this girl and we got pretty close and then, after a few months, she told me she loved me and I got pretty freaked out and left.”


TC: Are you a Kanye fan?


“I love him”



NAME: Samantha


AGE: 20 


“Yes, I have been ghosted and I’ve ghosted someone. When I was ghosted, I met this guy at a party and we really hit it off, it was amazing. Then, I messaged him how his night was and he didn’t reply for three days. The only reason he replied was because I sent him a message by accident.”


TC: What Drake song did you listen to console yourself?


“Know Yourself”



NAME: Tamara


AGE: 20


“I met this guy at a party and the next day he added me on Facebook and asked how I was going. I replied saying I was great but, he “seen’d” my message and took two days to reply back. He messaged me in the first place, I just don’t get it.”




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