Music | | July 10, 2017

If there’s any current day personality worthy of an epic biopic, Kanye West fits the bill and then some.




The director Trey Edwards Shults, best known for films like Krisha and It Comes Out At Night has recently revealed in an interview with the Independent, said that he’s ‘always been an admirer of Kanye, saying it would be interesting to tap into his mind’ Same.


‘I have a dream of doing a Kanye West biopic. My dream is he will somehow see and like my movies and let me pick his brain apart — to make the ultimate one-of-a-kind biopic we haven’t yet seen [that will] explore this man. I think it’d be amazing. There’s so much to explore. I just want to chill out with Kanye and make something great. I think he’ll like this next movie that I’m writing.’




Shults also revealed that he is currently working on a ‘passion project’ similar to his last few films so it means we may have to wait a while for a Yeezy movie to come to life but when it does, we’ll be here for it.