Cut | | June 09, 2018

Dennis Rodman is Kim Jong Un’s BFF and an NBA Hall of Famer which, in 2018, makes him perfectly qualified to play a role on the global political stage.


The Worm will arrive in Singapore a day before the country hosts a nuclear summit between Donald Trump and the North Korean dictator on June 12.



Though his role in the summit is currently unknown, Rodman is expected to play a part in the negotiations between the world leaders.


PotCoin, a cryptocurrency geared towards the cannabis industry, is bankrolling Rodman’s trip.


Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman’s friendship may seem like the result of a drunken game of Mad Libs, but this trip marks Rodman’s fifth visit to the country. In 2013, Rodman visited the reclusive country to participate in a basketball game between the U.S. and North Korea. The visit marked the start of his friendship with Kim Jong Un, who is reportedly a huge NBA fan.


Rodman was also a contestant on Trump’s reality show, The Celebrity Apprentice.


Rodman has previously stated he gave the North Korean leader a copy of Trump’s ghostwritten book from the 80s, The Art of the Deal, in order to thaw relations between the countries.


2018 – the year when celebrity defines politics and Pornhub hosts art exhibitions. 


Cover Image: Instagram | @dennisrodman