Cut | , | October 11, 2018


Say whatever you want about Conor McGregor’s skills as an MMA fighter, but there’s no denying that he knows how to keep us entertained.


Following his mess of a fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov, in which Nurmagomedov left the octagon to confront some of McGregor’s team, leading to an extracurricular brawl, McGregor is apparently ready for round two.



But to prove it wasn’t just Twitter fingers, UFC President Dana White has said that Mystic Mac has already approached him about making the rematch a reality.


Undeniably fuming over his fourth ever professional MMA loss, McGregor might have to wait a while before it all gets off the ground, as Nurmagomedov still needs to appear in front of UFC’s Nevada commission following the events of the last match.


Here’s hoping the rematch ends up taking off, because no one pulls off messy MMA drama both in and out of the ring quite like Conor McGregor.


While we wait for a rematch, get ready for the release of Space Jam 2 where LeBron James is set to take over Michael Jordan.


Cover image via Instagram @ufc