Cut | , | March 28, 2019


It’s been a whirlwind couple of days for controversial UFC star Conor McGregor.


Less than a day after McGregor took to Twitter to announce his MMA retirement, news has leaked that he is currently being investigated for sexually assaulting an Irish woman last December.



Keep in mind that Irish law prevents the names of those accused of sexual assault from being released until conviction, but the New York Times is reporting that multiple sources have identified McGregor.


He was allegedly arrested back in January and was released as the police underwent their ongoing investigation.


Though the timing is a bit suspicious, McGregor’s reps say his retirement announcement has nothing to do with the allegations going public. This is, after all, not the first time he’s publicly announced a retirement.



He pulled a similar stunt back in 2016, thanking everyone for the cheese in a move that turned out to be his knee-jerk response to a disagreement over his promotional obligations.


McGregor’s star shone brightly for most of his early MMA career, but, having only participated in one fight in the past three years, his skills have been eclipsed recently by his headline grabbing scandals.


You may remember his extracurricular brawl with Khabib, or when he was arrested for stealing a cell phone. Perhaps you recall when he went crazy at Barclays Center and destroyed a bus.



No comments yet from McGregor on the allegations, but Irish police say investigations into the case are still ongoing


The world of sport seems to be in shambles at the moment, from the MMA scene to the NBA; Kyrie Irving might be leaving the Celtics for good. 



Featured image via Twitter @Reuters.