Cut | , , | December 03, 2018


Colin Kaepernick supporters are probably one of the most loyal fan-bases in the world.


With the NFL copping a lawsuit from Kaepernick over their stance not to hire him based on a justice “protest”, the public have basically colluded to say a big “fuck you” to the league.


This year the NFL has decided to allow fans the right to vote for who they want to see in this year’s Pro Bowl by utilising a hashtag and stating the playing they’re backing.


Quite obviously, Kaepernick’s name popped up a lot and is gaining more and more traction as the minutes pass.






We’re having flashbacks to when fans voted Magic Johnson back into the NBA’s 1991/92 All-Star Game, even though he was retired. So, although possible, Johnson didn’t have a legal dispute with the NBA.


It seems like votes for Kaepernick may be disregarded as he’s not actually on an NFL roster, we’re open to and hoping for a miracle.


It’s not hard to see that respect for Kaepernick runs deep, with even celebs like Rihanna having their own say on the situation. 


Cover image via The Mercury News.