Kicks | March 22, 2018

The first scientists to discover the platypus thought they were being trolled.


George Shaw, who was the first to pen a description of the mammal back in 1799, thought it was basically sewn together from a bunch of different different animals – maybe a duck’s beak combined with the body of a beaver?


Mad scientist and shoe customiser searleivy is the latest to try and outdo mother nature’s great atrocity, binding together elements of Off-White‘s Jordan 1 with Balenciaga‘s black-and-red Triple S soles.


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It’s the logical outcome to a sneaker mash-up trend that’s getting a little out of control.


Let’s just hope these bad boys don’t end up as ubiquitous as the pug – then we truly are fucked.


For real though, is this the new face of Off White’s Nike Air Max 90?