Cut | , | October 30, 2018


McLaren may have just figured out the car of the future.


The auto company have just released details of the Speedtail. The car features an aerodynamic design inspired by the shape of a teardrop.



Here are some numbers to tell you how crazy fast this car is: it has a brake horsepower of 1,000, a top speed of 250 miles per hour, and it can jump from 0 to 186 MPH in just over 12 seconds.


The Speedtail is set to be McLaren’s fastest ever road car.


It’s also got a Velocity Mode feature where the car retracts to the point where the highest point on the vehicle is 3.7 feet tall in order to optimize speed.


To double down on the whole plane-like aspect, there is also only a single driver’s seat for a centered steering wheel.


The Speedtail is currently retailing at around $2.24 million USD, and only 106 are being put into production.


Bad news for anyone with $2 million and some change lying around: all 106 cars have already sold out, but be ready for later production. We’re sure McLaren won’t want to keep the car of the future under wraps for very long.


Cover image via McLaren.