Cut | | May 25, 2018

UPDATE: Brockhampton has confirmed to Triple J that the collective will still play Listen Out, 2018. Brockhampton’s next album release date (PUPPY), however, is still undecided.


Last week, allegations of abuse were made against Brockhampton member, Ameer Vann. Multiple women accused Vann, citing instances of emotional abuse and sexual activity with underage fans.


Accusations turned to Twitter, where ex-girlfriend Rhett Rowan put forward her own experiences with Vann, describing him as “emotional[ly] manipulative and mentally abusive”.


Rowan added to the thread by recalling events where Vann would “glamor[ize]” her eating disorder and engage in sexual activities with minors.



Similar claims were brought to the table by @GIGINOTHADID, who wrote about Vann’s “degrad[ing]” and “forceful” nature based on her friend’s experiences with Vann.



Ameer Vann responded via Twitter, admitting that he had been disrespectful to former partners, as well as denying all instances of criminal activity.



A week passed without any comments from Brockhampton, until a recent Instagram live from Vann’s fellow group member, Kevin Abstract.


Abstract was the first Brockhampton member to address the allegations surrounding Vann, detailing that he doesn’t “agree with anything Ameer has admitted to.” And that “he’s been getting help for over the past year.”


He also confronted their upcoming album, Puppy: “We’re probably gonna push the album back but I still want a single to come out next month … It’s heavy and I also understand if you’re mad and completely over it. I should have said something, I shouldn’t have been quiet for so long.”


So, what does this mean for Aussie Brockhampton fans? The band were set to be attending this year’s Listen Out alongside A$AP Rocky, Skepta and more.


Will they be attending at all? We’ll keep you posted with any updates.


You can check out all the information regarding Listen Out, right here. 


Cover Image: Instagram | @brockhampton