Culture | , | September 24, 2018


The Black Panther sequel is still a few years off, but for anyone jonesing your return trip to Wakanda might be sooner than you think.


Marvel Comics has announced that Killmonger, the villain from this year’s smash hit movie, will be getting a solo series.



Writer Brian Edward Hill and illustrator Juan Ferreyra will flesh out Erik Killmonger’s backstory over the course of the five-issue story.


No word yet on whether T’Challa or any of your other Black Panther faves will make an appearance, but don’t get your hopes up; the series’ creators say the story will focus on Erik’s upbringing in exile and how that led to the character we later see in the movie.


We can only hope that a TV series will spawn from this, and that Michael B will return for the ultimate thirst trap storyline.


Be sure to check out Killmonger #1 when it drops in December.


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Cover image via Facebook @BlackPantherMovie