Cut | , , | August 21, 2018

There’s about four months and some change left in 2018, but if there’s any story qualified to tie the proverbial bow on this rollercoaster of a year, it has to be Azealia Banks camping out in Elon Musk’s mansion while waiting for Grimes, and uncovering possible security fraud.


Here’s a primer for anyone who missed the most ambitious crossover event in history.


Banks went out to LA to link up with Grimes to finish a long-planned collab.



However, she had a harder time than expected locking down Grimes, who’s essentially a gaseous being disguised as a popstar, for their studio session. Frustrated, Banks decided to camp out at Grimes’ boyfriend Elon Musk’s home.


In a series of Instagram stories, Azealia unleashed a tirade on the couple.


Highlights include Banks alleging Musk’s controversial tweets about taking Tesla private were sent while he was on acid, saying the couple only brought her out for a threesome, and calling Grimes, in a now deleted tweet, a “dirty-sneaker-inbred-out of the woods Pabst beer pussy methhead-junkie.” 


Most of Banks’s allegations have gone unconfirmed (Tesla is reportedly under federal investigation for possible securities fraud, for what it’s worth).


But now that the dust has settled, we’ve found the best collective reactions to one of the most random and bizarre sleepovers in history.



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