Culture | | May 22, 2017

Look, I’m all for innovation but the sacred morning ritual of a coffee is one that should never be disturbed.


Australian barristers have started to go to god-damn far, with the latest craze of coffee ‘in everything other than a bloody coffee cup’. The deconstructed coffee in Melbourne was the start of my annoyance, the coffee in the avocado was a good laugh but now you can fetch your usual order of “soy chai latte with a shot of coffee and 3/4 teaspoon of sugar” in a waffle cone.


Some things are better with sugar and sprinkles ? #coffee #coffeeinacone #dayout #sweetness

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Yes, coffee in a bloody cone. I understand the concept, waffle, chocolate and coffee — what could go wrong? How about one big fucking mess.


Though apparently the cafes located in Sydney and Melbourne (go figure) has pre-thought that messy dilemma. The waffle cone has been lined with a special chocolate compound in order to give you precisely ten minutes of leak proof coffee.


It’s been trialled in selected Sydney and Melbourne cafés, and surprisingly has lines out the doors for their $6 waffle-cone-coffees.


Combing two of Melbourne’s obsessions – lattes and avo ?

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