Cut | | September 18, 2018


The Australian Government is no stranger to banning items associated with party culture, leaving it as no surprise that yet another item might be added to the notorious list of shit the Government hates.


Poppers – otherwise known as Amyl nitrite – have been the most recent victim of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), and have been under assessment in regards to their medicinal purposes and the risks associated.


For those of you who are having flashbacks to tenth grade chem and have no fucking clue what amyl nitrite is or what it does, it’s often labelled as a room odouriser or leather cleaner.


But their main use is as an anal relaxant.


Other than comforting your anal cavity for whatever it is you’re into, poppers also have a euphoric, relaxing effect after you snort them and feel like you’ve just had a kick to the noggin.


In TGA’s submission, poppers pose a series of health problems with extensive use, like fluid build up in the eye, changes in blood pressure, strokes and overall brain frying; apparently placing them in the same danger category as heroin.


So whether you’re after jungle juice for either the approaching festival season or simply for private activities, we’d suggest stocking up on your poppers now in preparation for the potential ban.



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