Music | , | September 01, 2017

There isn’t much more to be pondered on in regards to the ongoing Swift vs. West saga. Since the release of Taylor’s latest track Look What You Made Me Do and the impending drop of her album Reputation, the world has gone into think-piece overdrive and the truest signifier of one’s personality correlates with who they’ve chosen to side with, or not side at all.


One of the most salient pieces in the Ye/ Tay feud is the fact that November 10, Reputation‘s release date falls on the anniversary of Kanye’s mother, Donda West’s passing.



Wets Swift’s ~~people~~ deny any underlying intentions (it seems a bit too much like a perfect coincidence…) West fans have jumped to his support, using November 10 to celebrate ‘Hey Mama Day‘.



With Swift hatred at an all time high (only propelling her brand and influence further…), in order to prevent Reputation achieving number 1, West fans are banding together to stream the Late Registration track, Hey Mama as many times as possible, eventually over taking any chance Taylor has of topping the charts.


Sound like a sure-fire  plan? What could be more powerful here – Swift plans excitement and her detractors listening to Reputation out of sheer curiosity? Or, the passion of Yeezy lovers around the globe? November 10 will go down in history, no matter what.