Music | | September 06, 2017

Vaping has now long been recognised as the favourite activity of edgy suburban kids who fill their days trawling obscure Reddit threads and man-splaining on the internet (Not exactly the ~coolest~ activity to associate yourself with..)


A$AP Rocky, the man with the business mind of a hawk and aptitude for collaboration has decided to tap into this market, releasing a signature line of Vape pens. We may have our aversions to the old Vape, but, if even Rocky’s getting behind it, we might just have to overlook some of our integrity.


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In line with Rocky’s aura of lux and exclusivity, the collection named “Flacko Jodye” is comprised of a ‘walnut wood grain veneer finish’ pen, alluding to the  wood paneling of classic-era Rolls-Royces.


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If you ~really~ want to cop, head over to the KandyPens’s online store to purchase one of the 100 that have been manufactured for a cool $148 USD.


In other Rocky related news, the rapper said recently that his new album is ‘about to drop‘ – do we have another surprise release on our hands?