"We Talked", Music | , | September 03, 2017

2017 has been a massive year for Allday – with the release of Speeding back in April to  tearing it up at Splendour, the South Australian rapper is pretty much constantly on our radar for tunes and live vibes.


While he was was chilling in the ~90210~, we had a chat with Allday ahead of his upcoming Aussie festival circuit to talk all things Splendour, streaming and, SoundCloud rap.



Hey Tom (Allday), how’s Beverly Hills treating you?


It’s cool, I’m just chilling right now.


Your set at Splendour was insane – what was the entire festival experience like?


I was pretty nervous, but yeah, it was a lot of fun and I had heaps of mates there. Before my show I didn’t really wanna run around so I missed out on seeing heaps of the artists, but I saw Client Liason and a bit of Stormzy. But that’s what festivals are like, yelling at your friends to go and see an artist and never actually getting there – that’s the real festival experience.


You’re pretty much playing every upcoming Australian festival (Yours & Owls, Falls), is there anything in particular you’re excited for?


Yours & Owls is always fun because it’s in Wollongong and I love playing there and I’ve never been to Falls and so I’m pretty excited for that. I don’t know how I’ll change up the live show, sometimes I think ‘maybe I should get a drummer or dancers’ but I’ll figure it out.


What helps you get ready for a massive festival gig – what are your essential rider items?


I always need a lot of tea, I never used to drink it but it’s really good for my voice. We’re not too crazy with the requests, we haven’t really changed it since we started.



Does playing festivals with so many other amazing acts spark a ‘dream collab’ moment or add to a list of people you’d like to work with?


There’s a lot of people that’d be cool – Confidence Man would be cool, hopefully that’ll happen eventually.


Speeding is such an awesome album – what are your favourite tracks off it to play live? 


In Motion is the most popular one at the moment so that’s always fun. I’m definitely working on a new album, I’m kind of in the zone at the moment. I’m a listener as well so I kind of know that people listen to albums and then throw a few songs on a playlist but it doesn’t necessarily effect the way we make art. At the same time there’s no point in spending 3 or 5 years on an album because we don’t ingest music the music the same way.


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Who are some of your favourite Australian artists you’re vibing at the moment?


A lot of my friends like Mallrat and Japanese Wallpaper, and my friend’s band Mining Boom, they’re sick, they’re like a garage rock band.


Speaking of rock music, we’ve seen the whole SoundCloud rap come to the forefront – what’s your take on acts like XXXtentacion and Lil Peep using rock music as a huge influence on their sound? 


I find it kind of cool that the new wave of emo is in rappers now, it’s kind of interesting that all of these cultures are integrating, and I think lyrically that’s really where it comes through.


Thanks for the chat, we’ll see you at Yours & Owls!


Yeah it’ll be sweet, cya then.