Culture | | May 06, 2020


Japan’s famous Studio Ghibli Museum had temporarily closed for lockdown back in February. Luckily for fans, the museum has launched a YouTube channel for you to virtually wander through its rooms. No matter where you are in the world.


So far there’s four videos on the channel, exploring the museum’s main entrance, a recreation of the antique stores in Whisper of the Heart and The Cat Returns, and the Space Wonder room.



In the latest video released this week, the virtual tour takes you to the museum’s Straw Hat Cafe. It’s a bit strange seeing the popular museum empty of visitors, but at least you can see all the details without anyone in the way.



The Ghibli Museum opened in Tokyo in 2001, and had always had a strict no-photos policy. Even getting tickets to the museum can be hard in the first place, so this is a rare op to get a glimpse of Hayao Miyazaki’s creations without hopping on a plane to Tokyo.


If you’ve been wanting to see the museum, or if you’re one of the lucky ones who have already been but maybe forgot some parts, this is for you. Because who doesn’t love Studio Ghibli?


Studio Ghibli plans to open an official theme park in 2022 – hopefully we’ll be able to fly to Japan by then. Read all the deets here.


Featured image via Instagram @ghibliuk.


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