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Editor’s Note: This article was originally posted Mar 18, 2020 and has been updated. 


After a typical day of work, some of us like to unwind by going out for drinks. Except now that everyone is getting into self-isolation mode, it’s best to not go out to bars and nightclubs for the time being.


You can still drink at home though, and to make that sound a little less sad, why not play a game of beer pong? You won’t be having house parties any time soon, but if you’ve got some housemates to play with, here’s your chance to really bond while you’re in quarantine together.


And if you’re in need of a sick table, we got you sorted, with our NBA themed REDDS Beer Pong Table. It stretches 8 ft and comes with a carry bag, so you can take it with you anywhere when self-isolation is over. And we’ve also got a Cup Pong Pack to go along with it.


We’ve put together a list of different ways to spin the classic drinking game for you to really get to know your roomies.


1 Shot For 1 Question

Here’s your chance to ask your housemate something you’ve always been curious about them. From “what was your first impression of me?” to “was it you who broke my coffee pot?”, use this opportunity to reveal everyone’s secrets.



Roomba Pong

Put your skills to the test and try to get a shot in the cup when it’s moving around on a Roomba. And then you can use them to clean up the mess afterwards.



Russian Roulette

Get 6 cups in a circle and fill most of them with water. Fill one (or two) with vodka. If your opponent scores, you have to skull the cup without smelling it.



FaceTime Pong

For true social distancing and the cleanest way to play, do it over video call.



Alternatively, if you’re going through this quarantine alone, now’s a great time to perfect your trick shot.


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Always remember to drink responsibly, especially if you have to WFH the next day.


For a more wholesome self-quarantine, you can virtually tour museums from all over the world, including the Louvre, The Met and heaps more.


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