Cut | October 29, 2019


NSW residents can finally start using smartphones to display their ID. Just last night, the Service NSW app updated so everyone in the state will be able to upload their licence to their phones. Unless your screen is cracked (RIP), then this sadly doesn’t apply to you.


The system was first proposed five years ago, and in recent months was trialled by 20 000 residents in Dubbo, Albury, and Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.


You’ll be able to use your digital licence the same as your physical one. It’ll have your driver’s name, licence number, expiry date, address, and photo. There’ll also be a QR code that can be scanned to prove the licence’s validity. It won’t work on a cracked screen since the scanner wouldn’t be able to fully scan your licence.




You can use the digital licence at most major venues that serve alcohol, although you should probably try to have your plastic card on you anyway. According to Service NSW’s website, you should “always carry your plastic card if you know you’re going to need your driver licence, or if you plan to travel interstate”.


And if you happen to get pulled over, it’s best to just stick to your regular licence. NSW police will accept digital licences, however, it’s still illegal to hold a phone while driving a car or motorbike. So wait until a police officer asks to see your ID unless you want to cop a fine.


The new system might take some getting used to, but if you want to get started on adding your ID to your phone, check all the info here.


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Featured image via Twitter @7NewsSydney.