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Brockhampton is without a doubt, one of the biggest boy bands in the world right now. But the group’s leader, Kevin Abstract, recently confirmed the band, like all great boy bands of the past, has an expiration date.


In a recent feature with GQ, the frontman said, “This is going to be over in a few albums. But that’s okay, it’s still a family.” The boys sat down for an oral history of the group’s evolution: from starting out as AliveSinceForever in 2009, to rebranding in 2014, the breakout SATURATION trilogy (2017), the dismissal of founding member Ameer Vann, to where they are now after the release of their fifth studio album GINGER (2019).



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Kevin didn’t elaborate further on the topic of disbanding, but the group addressed the hiatus to recharge their collective energy during the making of GINGER. Producer and DJ Romil Hemnani said, “It made me appreciate what we have within our group and our friendship after spending time apart. We started making the songs and I realized I love being friends with these guys and making music with them more than I actually love music itself.”


Rapper Dom McLennon attributed the quality of GINGER to the members’ strong friendship:

“Regardless of whether the context of GINGER is happy or sad, I think it’s the most confident that we’ve been and the most comfortable we’ve all been in our own skin as artists on a record. And that’s why it’s my favourite. I know that I can say in confidence that this is our best fucking album, and everyone in the room will agree with me.”

Earlier in April, Kevin shut down rumours of a breakup, which fans thought was potential due to a long period in between albums.



The beginning of the end for Brockhampton may have already begun. But we all know if that happens, the boys will go out with a bang.


You can catch Brockhampton live in Australia when they headline FOMO 2020, along with rap queens Lizzo and Rico Nasty, and heaps more.


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