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The era of COVID-19 has been a rough time for everyone. The arts industry in Australia was one of the first to be hit hard by the lockdown; as clubs and galleries were temporarily closed, live music events had to be postponed, and don’t get us started on JobKeeper… Times are especially hard when you’re a freelancer, or rely on a project-by-project basis, and security for the next couple months might seem uncertain.


Despite the pandemic, young creatives of Australia are still thriving. We got in the cut with our REDDS Riders – our reference points on youth culture, each with a distinct take on music, fashion, art and design. Find out how isolation has affected their lives and work, what they’ve been doing with their spare time, what they miss about pre-pandemic life, and what they’re drinking to get through quarantine.





Josaia is a stylist from Brisbane. He gets his inspo from movies and silhouettes that he wants to recreate. He’s styled for the likes of Cheep Store, and modeled for brands such as Comme des Garçons and Outland Denim.


“I’ve been spending my time DIY’ing (destroying) my clothes and experimenting with my hair, dyeing and cutting it just to kill time. I’m doing lots of research and trying to spend my time learning as much as I can about fashion and society post-pandemic. I’m also working on a full identity makeover so I can come out of isolation fully charged and brand new.


I miss my freedom to do whatever I wanted, see my friends, and go wherever whenever. But I’ve learnt just how much time there is in a day to do things that I’ve always wanted to do. So I can’t wait to get out and actually do all the things I’ve been putting off.”



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Deez pics make me miss my hair

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What has Josaia been drinking during quarantine?

“I’m trying to stay healthy and only drink water but during quarantine I’ve found a love for Little Giant Shiraz.”


Kristina Valdez



Kristina is the Melbourne-based creative director and photographer of Valdez Visions. She’s known for capturing moments that portray character, unity, diversity and individuality. In 2018 she completed a Bachelor of Photography at Photography Studies College.


“I’ve been focusing on myself and learning new photography techniques. I started getting into meditation, which is great because I’ve been delaying it and I can’t be doing that to myself. I have also been shooting with my youngest brother and putting my photography techniques to use.


I miss socialising with friends and organising photo shoots. Before this lockdown I had a lot of shoots planned, but unfortunately they all had to be put on pause.”



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Think it’s a game? You playin with the wrong one (self portrait)

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What has Kristina been drinking during quarantine?

“A lot of water!”





Naomi is a Sydney-based DJ and selector. She’s currently studying a Bachelor of Business to further execute her own music career. Her goal is to make it big enough in the music industry to be able give a platform to artists for labels and festivals.


“Isolation has been rough! I have been spending my time glued to my laptop, attending online uni twice a week, playing Sims (a bit too much), working on producing a few mixes, and slowly learning to produce music through an online production course. I also adopted a quarantine kitty named Gia – I don’t think I would have been able to last this long without her. Watching TikToks have become a daily essential as well.


I miss EVERYTHING: friends, fresh air, clubbing and eating out! Being a DJ and going from DJing every weekend to having 0 gigs is a drastic change. I miss the 2 am Uber rides home and the freedom. Having to cook every day is so terrible because I am the worst cook so eating out before lockdown was what I relied on the most.”



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club essentials @sautisystems • @skin0nskin

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What has Naomi been drinking during quarantine?

“I haven’t drank at all during iso because I’m saving myself for when the clubs open again, but if I could have an iso drink it would be a huge bottle of Brown Brothers, the best Moscato ever.”


Antoinette Raphael



Antoinette is a fashion designer from Perth, known for being the creative mastermind behind RAW WAR. She studied a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design at Curtin University to pursue her passions in fashion, styling, illustrating and sewing.


“My fear about the isolation situation quickly turned into problem solving. I realised that I could now work solely on RAW WAR. This extra time gave me a chance to reflect on my recently completed collection [‘RICHTER’] and have the power to edit anything to ensure what I release in the future will perfectly express my brand.


I created a new, balanced lifestyle for myself with exercise, housework and self-care. It’s okay to have those days where you put your creative work aside and take a break to recharge. We shouldn’t feel pressured to be doing work 24/7. The best work always comes after rest and self-care. We will be the generation of creatives to project this hardship into memorable work.


The main thing I miss is the balance between being home and being out and about. I also miss dining out, as it was always a reward for myself after ticking off my to-do list.”



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What has Antoinette been drinking during quarantine?

“Every tea under the sun! It continues to relax me during this uncertain time. And how could I forget my favourite: Midori and lemonade with lime.”


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