Cut | , | February 14, 2020


Apple has recently released the beta of iOS 13.4, and according to 9to5Mac, there’s a new feature that’s yet to be officially announced: you’ll be able to use CarKey on your iPhone as a digital key to your car.


CarKey will allow you to hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near an NFC (near field communication) compatible car to unlock your vehicle, and the feature will still work even if your phone ran out of battery. Your digital key can live in your Wallet app, and you can even share it with someone else’s Apple device in your household, so you don’t have to worry about losing your keyfob. You also won’t have to unlock your phone to use the feature, but for extra security, you can configure it to require Face ID.



As this is only the beta, there’s yet to be official word on when CarKey will be available or the car manufacturers that will support it, but we can expect more news later in 2020.


Phones have truly come a long way. If you’re a resident of NSW, you can now have your driver’s license on your phone, as if our whole lives weren’t already in them already… 



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